Olive Feed Solves a major Environmental Issue

Unfortunately there are no general guidelines for the disposal of Olive Oil Waste and By-Products around the world, with each country establishing different, if any protocols at all. From burning and solvent extraction to dumping, the results of having no uniform and established disposal process have led to air, soil and water pollution. By utilizing all the by-products of production in our different products, The Olive Feed Corporation completely eliminates this problematic pollutant. 


Waste Water

Waste Water from Olive Oil Production has no standardized method of disposal or processing worldwide or even in the European Union. Land mass absorbing Olive Waste water renders the land useless for other purposes. 

Soil pollution 2.jpg

Soil pollution

The image shows the affects of long term Olive biomass products stored on large land areas. Land takes decades to recover from thousands of tonnes of waste left to degrade unattended.

SPAIN 2nd exgraction plant_1.jpg

air pollution

While the processing and extraction of fuels from Olive Waste is a popular method of handling Olive Oil by-products, it presents the environment with the arguably more pressing problem of air pollution.