We collect the finest Olives after they have been pressed for oil.


We transform olive waste into a nutritious feed for



We provide a specific tested feed plan for your animals so you can get the optimal results from feeding with such a premium product


The Olive Feed Corporation is the only commercial provider of Olive Feed anywhere in the World.


Our Mission

We will provide farmers around the Globe with only the most premium Olive Feed for their Wagyu Cattle. Each batch of feed created is traceable and certified by The Olive Feed Corporation. We will provide cutting edge scientific based research on nutritional and health benefits not only for the animal, but also for the consumer. The Olive Feed Corporation will always strive to maintain a level of excellence our customers and partners can trust and rely upon. 

“I am particularly interested in the Olive Feed Corporation, and how this wonderfully innovative and creative idea can help solve global environmental issues.”
— President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins